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Project Description

AML Studio is a cross-browser web application which helps Aras Innovator developers create AML queries using intellisense and other convenience features.

NEW! Innovator Admin

Check out the latest version of AML Studio embedded within the new Innovator Admin tool. This tool includes great new features such as

  • Improved Intellisense including basic SQL completions
  • Parameterized AML queries
  • Example queries built in
  • The ability to upload files as part of AML queries
  • Find/Replace
  • Improved tools for importing and exporting packages
  • So much more...

As a note, development on this AML Studio as a standalone tool will largely be shelved in favor of further improvements for Innovator Admin

For more information, check out the GitHub page

Version 2.0 Release Notes

Improvements include:

  • Can be run as a standalone program or as part of Aras Innovator.
  • Tab-based interface.
  • Query history including queries executed and their results for the last 10 queries run.
  • Additional code tools including uppercase, lowercase, etc.
  • Better query completion including with the action, orderBy, and select attributes of the Item tag.
  • Query execution time is included with the results.

Local Installation Instructions:

  • Extract the dist folder somewhere on your computer and run AmlStudio.exe

Aras Innovator Installation Instructions:

  • Import the package contained in the pkg folder.
  • Copy the contents of the dist folder (you need everything but the .exe and .dll files) to {ArasInstallPath}\Innovator\Client\scripts\AmlStudio\
  • Open up Aras Innovator and select Launch AML Studio from the Actions menu.



AML (adaptive markup language) is a flexible query language used by Aras Innovator for all communication between clients and the server.  Since the data model of Innovator can be configured by users, AML does not have a strict schema which can make it difficult to know how to develop queries.  AML Studio features Intellisence (i.e. auto completion) which helps developers by prompting them with the schema present in the Innovator instance they are connected to.

As a web application, AML Studio can either be run from inside a desktop application or as part of an Aras Innovator installation.  Import the package included in the download to include AML Studio in your Innovator installation.

AML Documentation

Additional information regarding can be found in the

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