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Get InBasket Items

Soap Action: GetAssignedTasks

To execute this action, you can use any of the following APIs:

  • Aras.IOM.IServerConnection.CallAction()

Input Structure:

  <inBasketViewMode>{Enumeration: Active|Both|Pending}</inBasketViewMode>
  <workflowTasks>{Boolean: 0 or 1}</workflowTasks>
  <projectTasks>{Boolean: 0 or 1}</projectTasks>
  <actionTasks>{Boolean: 0 or 1}</actionTasks>
  <userID>{[Optional] GUID ID for the user whose InBasket is to be retrieved. }</userID>


Example (Input):


Example (Result): 

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">
      <Item>&lt;table draw_grid="true" delim="|" enablehtml="false"&gt;&lt;thead&gt;&lt;th&gt;&lt;/th&gt;&lt;th&gt;&lt;![CDATA[Type]]&gt; ... &lt;/table&gt;</Item>

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