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Package cannot be imported


When importing the package for AMLStudio 2.0, I get the error shown below.

Does AMLStudio depend on the standard Aras Solutions? We develop our own solutions and don't have the PLM solution etc. installed.


Login successfully
Login : admin
Password :innovator
Server :http://localhost/InnovatorServer930sp7 Database :Geardev937_42 Updating the list of Packages for target database Expanding the list of existing packages Pre-import actions start of execution : 02.07.2013 09:28:53
Set "Root" value for "Logon Allowed To" variable
Updating AML Studio to inprogress release status
   ****Import with merge option  AML Studio****
Processing (add) id : 0362CFF90E0A426CB17BDC12196CFA40 keyed_name : Launch AML Studio type : Method
********** Start of reference checking ************
checking for Bad property
<Item type='ItemType' action='get' select='id'><name>Method</name><Relationships><Item type='Property' action='get' select='name'/><Item type='RelationshipType' action='get' select='name'/></Relationships></Item>
was obtained from server
 ****Error message****
faultstring: RecurseCheck
faultdetail: Bad property name checksum for type Method
faultcode: -1
Updating AML Studio to failed release status
Set "World" value for "Logon Allowed To" variable
end of execution : 02.07.2013 09:30:58
Sending the log file to Vault Server
Log file was sent successfully to Vault Server
Expanding the list of existing packages
Closed Jul 3, 2013 at 6:30 PM by erdomke
Thanks for the heads up. I forgot that we had modified the Method item type in our Aras instance. I have updated the release to fix this problem.