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Add a History Item

Soap Action: ApplyItem or ApplyAML

To execute this action, you can use any of the following APIs:

  • Aras.IOM.Innovator.ApplyAML()
  • Aras.IOM.Item.Apply()
  • Aras.IOM.IServerConnection.CallAction()

Input Structure (Files):

  <Item type="File" action="AddHistory" id="{Item ID}">
    <action>{'FileView', 'FileCheckin', or 'FileCheckout'}</action>
    <filename>{Name of the file, or other data}</filename>

Input Structure (Forms):

  <Item type="{Item Type}" action="AddHistory" id="{Item ID}">
    <action>{'FormView' or 'FormPrint'}</action>
    <form_name>{Name of the form, or other data}</form_name>

Example (Input):

  <Item type="Part" action="AddHistory" id="0F7DE1F8C98E4CD4A84913838CF9586A">
    <form_name>Some action was completed</form_name>

Example (Result):

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">

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