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Get Where Used Data

Soap Action: ApplyItem or ApplyAML

To execute this action, you can use any of the following APIs:

  • Aras.IOM.Innovator.ApplyAML()
  • Aras.IOM.Item.Apply()
  • Aras.IOM.IServerConnection.CallAction()


Returns a list of all items that the current item is referenced in.  The root item is the current item.  It has a property called relatedItems that contains the related items.  The keyed_name for each item is the keyed name prefixed by the item type name.

Example (Input):

<Item type="Part" id="A680C64BF11A45449665B9FE30664894" action="getItemWhereUsed" />


Example (Result):

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">
      <Item type="Part" id="A680C64BF11A45449665B9FE30664894"
            keyed_name="Part - C1 - 007.26" loaded="1">
          <Item type="Part" id="85CF1B81E78D4AFB9F09500FB7E948CA"
                keyed_name="Part - A1 - 001.5" />
          <Item type="Sourcing List" id="A02E80CB0E3541CDAFDD65FF2E30F849"
                keyed_name="Sourcing List - C1 -&gt; RS12345 - 005.10" />

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