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To submit a segment of AML to the server, you first need to log in to your Aras Innovator instance. Specify the URL of your Innovator installation along with a valid user name and password. You will also need to specify which database to log in to. If you don't remember the names of your databases, press the ".." button to populate the list of databases. Afterwards, select log in. If everything is successful, the message "Login Successful." will appear in the status bar, and the submit request button will become enabled. Then select Submit Request to send the request to the server. The response will display in the lower half of the screen. In order to to modify data in the database, make sure that the action of your AML is something like "add", "edit", "merge" or something else other than "get" (which will merely retrieve data from the database). For example, to create a part in the database, try submitting something like


  <Item type="Part" action="add">


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