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Update an Activity

Soap Action: ApplyItem or ApplyAML

To execute this action, you can use any of the following APIs:

  • Aras.IOM.Innovator.ApplyAML()
  • Aras.IOM.Item.Apply()
  • Aras.IOM.IServerConnection.CallAction()

Input Structure

 <Item type="Activity" action="EvaluateActivity">
   <Activity>{Activity ID}</Activity>
   <ActivityAssignment>{Assignment ID}</ActivityAssignment>
	 <Path id="{ID of the chosen Path}">{Name of the chosen Path}</Path>
   <DelegateTo>{Either '0' or the ID of the user to delegate to.}</DelegateTo>
	 <Task id="{ID of the task}" completed="{'0' or '1' indicating if the task was completed}"></Task>
	 <Variable id="{ID of the variable}">{Value of the variable}</Variable>
   <Authentication mode="{Type of authentication (e.g. e-signature)}">{Password for the type of authentication}</Authentication>
   <Complete>{'0' or '1' indicating if the activity is complete}</Complete>

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